Get the most out of your IT investment with a true partner in technology!

Ntegra IT is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) of professional IT services, IT solutions, and IT consulting for small and medium businesses throughout South Eastern Virginia and North Eastern North Carolina. As an MSP, Ntegra IT is an extension of our customers’ businesses, providing network monitoring, management, and maintenance as well as onsite and remote support services.

Our industry expertise and relationships with industry leading partners provide Ntegra IT with the ability to design, scale and implement cost effective “enterprise class” IT infrastructure solutions that will allow our customers to mobilize and empower their workforce, reduce IT expenditures, and maximize the return on their IT investment.

Want to know a little more about Ntegra IT?

Ntegra IT was founded in 2005 by two computer professionals bent on changing the way computer support for businesses, in particular small businesses, was being handled by the general computer service community. The objective: deliver better solutions and better customer service. The reigning mentality seems to be: “offer up enough service to fix a client’s problem, but not enough to prevent the problem from happening again in the future.”

Of course, this is an excellent, albeit devious, strategy to make money when offering “break-fix” repairs. After all, if your business relies on making money from showing up to fix a problem, why consider helping the client to prevent the problem again in the future? In the founding of Ntegra IT®, Inc. our main objective was to turn this business model on its head. Rather than charge customers for “repair” services, we built our company around preventative solutions and services.

Even in our own experience we have found that the cost of maintaining is much cheaper than outright regular replacement or repair. Equally, equipment that is constantly maintained doesn’t experience a steep downward performance spiral, ensuring both productivity and business profitability remains constant. This “reverse” business model alone was enough to justify the implementation of Ntegra IT, but the founders also wanted to bring a level of customer service to the field that is often not seen in the computer industry. Hence the choice of business name, Ntegra IT, a play on both integrity and integrate.

Ntegra IT — Integrating Information Technology with IntegrityTM.

Why the fan for a logo?

We felt our logo should have a significant meaning that married up with the overall goals of the company. The fan was chosen because of the significant role it plays in the overall health of a computer system. The fan, although seemingly a minor part in the overall cogs of a computer system, provides a considerable service. Fans cool the central processing unit preventing the computer from freezing, fans ensure the power supply is within a tolerable temperature to ensure proper amounts of power are getting to the whole system, fans provide suitable airflow to hard drives guaranteeing data availability and fans in general keep every major and minor part of the computer system from overheating. This is the kind of service we want to provide to our customers. Ntegra IT wants to be the unassuming fan that helps your business run productively, profitably and coolly.