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The Average Malware Infection Costs $3,000 Per Day to Recover

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In today’s modern business environment, almost every single company uses computers and has a network to send and receive information while staying connected around the clock. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be cybercriminals looking to attack businesses of any size or industry. As a result, it’s fundamental for you to secure your information systems and network against attack.

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While some businesses take an “it won’t happen to us” approach to IT and network security, this is one of the biggest mistakes possible – cybercriminals target businesses of all types and sizes, and they’re always looking to make a quick buck, whether it’s from a small business or a large enterprise.

That’s where we come in: our team of IT experts analyzes your information systems and network to determine the right IT and network security services to protect you. After all, there’s no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to IT and network security – we assess your environment to:

  • Determine vulnerabilities and weaknesses: We’ll work alongside you to analyze existing security settings, look for aging and antiquated technologies, and overlooked vulnerabilities; documenting all of the details as we go.
  • Test your security measures and defences: We’ll perform tests using the latest hacker techniques to test your security measures and defences, then we’ll take note of the vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited.
  • Create a unique IT & network security plan: We’ll consider the vulnerabilities and weaknesses we’ve found, as well as the vulnerabilities we’ve exploited, to create your perfect IT & network security plan that keeps you safe.
  • Install the right solutions to eliminate vulnerabilities: We’ll install the right anti-virus software, firewalls, and various other services while installing the proper updates to mitigate vulnerabilities and eliminate backdoors.

As you’re probably aware, the best firewalls and anti-virus software are only as good as your ability to stay on top of emerging threats. It’s our job to stay on top of everything IT & network security related! In fact, we’ll:

  • Monitor your network around-the-clock to detect and resolve threats immediately.
  • Perform regular maintenance and updates to keep your systems secure and reliable.
  • Stay informed on the latest threats to keep your security measures aligned with recent malware/hacking techniques.

Don’t neglect the security of your information systems and network – the average malware infection costs $3,000 a day to recover!{company} offers IT & network security services to keep your business safe. To learn more, give us a call at {phone} or send us an email at {email}.

Steve West

Steve West

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