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Rules to Follow for Public Cloud Security and Compliance

When using a public cloud, you want to make sure you remain compliant with your rules and regulations while also keeping your data secure. To do that, there are a few rules you need to follow.

The cloud is something that has taken our world by storm. There are both private and public versions and while some companies prefer to use the private options, the public ones have some benefits to them and are easier to use in many cases. When using a public cloud, however, you need to practice safety and security. To do so, there are some basic rules you should follow that will help you protect your data.

Compliance in the cloud

What is Secure and What is Not?

When using a public cloud, the companies providing them have gone through great measures to ensure that data is kept secure. However, there is a loophole. Anyone trying to go through their servers to access data will be blocked. They have developed systems that will keep data secure on their servers. However, it is important to note that data kept on your own servers is not as secure, especially if you have not done similar things to keep them secure. The cloud companies cannot prevent everyone from gaining access if you do not take your own measures. They can only be responsible for their own servers.

The Importance of Ever-Changing Passwords and Solid Security Measures

One of the easiest ways to keep your data secure when using your own server is by creating passwords and changing them in a regular basis. This is even true if you are keeping your data on their servers and a password is a requirement. You should have these secure passwords changed every few weeks. It may seem like overhaul but it is an extremely important component. At the same time, make sure the devices used to access the data are secure. You can do this by implementing a password requirement that changes frequently as well as a VPN requirement. Only allow people access to the cloud who absolutely need it to perform their job duties. You do not want everyone to have access if it is not necessary. That only opens your company up to more risk. If someone does not need access, take it away from them. You can always give it back later if they need it.

Automate Compliance and Monitoring

Monitoring the system and performing compliance checks is something that you likely already have occurring in your business but that is not enough. You need to also automate it so that these actions are done 24/7. Most public cloud companies will offer monitoring as part of their package. It is not very expensive but can provide you with extra protection that can save you a major headache later. As far as automating compliance, you already know what you need to monitor. Instead of monitoring all data that comes in for compliance, you should develop a system that will tell you when something is not compliant, even if it is just a prompt that says the documents are not complete. Focus on these two and you will almost eliminate the possibility of human error.

Remaining safe and secure on the cloud is something that every company using one should be concerned with. For more information on how to keep your data safe and secure on a public cloud in {city}, be sure to contact {company} by {phone} or {email}. They can help you find any gaps in security and help you further your efforts so you remain compliant.

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