Relying on Digital Partners Helps SMBs Drive Transformation.

Driving transformational change in your business can be difficult. However, the right technology partner can help by bridging the knowledge and implementation gap. 

Digital Transformation

Disruption is the name of the game today.  Employers find it more difficult than ever to hire knowledgeable IT workers. Most SMBs (small to mid-sized businesses) don’t have an IT team with the in-depth knowledge they need.

The same technology that helped you grow your organization in the past has quickly become outdated.  Plus, it’s a security liability without a continuous focus on updates. Fortunately, there’s an answer.  SMBs can harness the power of cloud computing with the assistance of reliable digital partners to help drive transformational change.

Myth: Transformation Equals Disruption

Serious disruptions occur when your employees work with out-of-date technology. However, some business owners are afraid to undergo the transformational change required.  They believe it will be a disruptive influence on their operations.

The opposite is true.  Digital transformation initiatives help business owners and managers discover significant metrics, automate routine processes, and provide employees with a better work environment. Competitors can quickly pass you by if you’re not willing to accept a short-term IT disruption to drive long-term and meaningful change for the better.

Deep Cultural Changes

Digital transformation is more than simply bringing on a few new software tools. It requires a fundamental change in organizational culture and thought processes. Employees who have always worked in the office are now looking for ways to be productive regardless of their physical location. And technology teams are under stress to provide easy and secure access to software and documents. While this can often be accomplished through the implementation of cloud-based productivity and file storage software, ensuring that you’re not compromising security while providing a satisfactory worker experience can be a delicate balancing act.

Moving to The Cloud

There’s been a significant shift in IT spending in the SMB segment, with leaders identifying the value of moving towards cloud-based software as opposed to investments in hardware. This shift towards cloud computing provides businesses with the ability to be more flexible with their technology investments, scaling up and down as needed based on business trends and seasonality.

The average annual SMB technology spend is on the rise, and is expected to continue growing in the coming years as change accelerates on a variety of levels. Business leaders are looking for new and creative ways to drive efficiencies while improving productivity, to increase competitiveness. Since many SMBs spend a significant amount of their time focused on operations. The business leaders who form effective IT partnerships will move to the front in terms of digital transformation.

The Importance of Digital Partnerships

Keeping a business running can be challenging for understaffed SMBs. Having a digital partner who assists with new initiatives is critical. Technology tools that are meant to simplify ongoing operations can be remarkably complex to implement—And overtaxed (or nonexistent) IT teams results in poor decision making due to a lack of information or time for security hardening or testing.

IT Partners provide an extra set of “heads and hands” to research, understand the security risks, and map the competitive landscape for new technology initiatives. They can then support implementation and training in a very hands-on way. Having a trusted digital partner allows business leaders to focus on their core specialties, and to grow their business.

Finding the Right Digital Partner is Essential. 

Customer satisfaction is a key component driving digital transformation—And, customer demands continue to morph as technology advances at “light speed.” Increased capabilities, and more cost-effective operations are required in order to keep up with their requirements, the changing economy, regulatory laws, and the demands of business partners.

A focus on process and innovation can be supported by the right digital partner—One who has the knowledge and experience to introduce best practices into the organization. The end result is a new transparency that provides the business leader with access to actionable metrics that support decision points at all levels of the organization.

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Steve West

Steve West

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