Ntegra IT Continues To Grow: Welcome Alex

IT SupportWe are increasing the outstanding IT support we provide to all our clients.

Ntegra IT is growing and we’re always looking for the most skilled and reliable technicians to join our team to ensure we serve you to the absolute best of our ability. Which is why we are excited to announce that this past week we added a new team member to our team.

We welcome our new Operations Support Specialist, Alex Gordon. Alex brings with him years of experience in technical support and a desire to offer exceptional client service. He will be an excellent addition to the Ntegra IT Team.

As our team continues to expand, you have peace of mind knowing that our specialists are always eager to help improve your operations and exceed expectations. Moreover, with our newest team member, Alex will help ensure your operations are always running smoothly and efficiently, with the best tools and services for your needs.

Ready for a team of reliable experts who are always eager to help meet your needs? Contact Ntegra IT today at (757) 321-9880 or send us an email to info@ntegrait.com to get the IT solutions that match your needs.

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