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Is The HeartBleed Bug Bleeding The Life From Your Law Practice? It Could be Without You Knowing It!

Law firms heartbleedThe “Heartbleed Bug” is creating a nightmare for law firms and other businesses when it comes to data security.  No law firm is exempt from the risk of this devastating virus.

 The Frightening Reality

  • The Heartbleed Bug is a flaw that can exploit repeatedly without users noticing that anything is happening.
  • 50 percent of the Internet, mobile devices (including the applications on these devices) and enterprise software are targets.
  • Many law firms have already been attacked. Cyber criminals have obtained user credentials, compromised workstations, and harvested thousands of emails and attachments from mail servers.

As a result, clients are now demanding that attorneys improve their cybersecurity.

The New York Times” reports that companies are threatening to withhold legal work unless something is done.  They want you to add insurance coverage for data breaches to your malpractice policies.

The FBI is urging law firms to review their mobility policies, including the security of e-mail linkups and mobile phones.

What You Should Do To Protect Your Law Firm.

If your clients believe their confidential information is at risk, it could be a critical “HeartBleed” for your practice.

The take-away message is to be proactive.  {company} can help.  We can employ technology monitoring and incident response to prevent attacks, and respond to breaches before they devastate your practice.

For more information, or for a no-obligation, complimentary IT Security Assessment for your law firm, contact {company} at {phone}, or {email}.

Steve West

Steve West

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