Hurricane Preparedness – Joaquin


 With the approach and still uncertain path of Hurricane Joaquin, we wanted to provide you with recommendations on how to protect your server(s), workstation(s), associated devices and thus your data. Currently, Hurricane Joaquin is currently forecast just to be a glancing blow for Northeast North Carolina and Southeast Virginia but there is always the possibility that the storm may come further inland, intensify or both. So please review these recommendations and prepare accordingly.

Local weather stations are expecting that we will begin feeling the effects of Joaquin starting sometime Sunday evening into early Monday morning. We recommend that at the close of business Friday/Saturday, you do the following:

Servers/Network Equipment:
  • If the server and associated equipment (modems, routers, battery backup, backup devices, etc…) are located within an windowless room, has appropriate surge protection, and a properly configured battery backup, and you feel that the need is warranted, the server and associated equipment may be left powered on but it is not recommended
  • If the server and associated equipment is physically located on the floor, please move the devices off the floor either to a desktop or by placing something underneath to lift the device(s) off the floor by at least six inches. More is always recommended. Verify that whatever you place the devices on is stable and can hold the weight. Servers need to be safely powered off prior to moving them.
  • If the server and associated equipment is located within a windowed room and/or you have decided that leaving the devices powered on is not warranted, contact our help desk to schedule powering all servers off. Once powered off, please remove the power from each device, move the devices away from any windows and cover all devices with a plastic tarp or trash bag making sure to tuck the edges so that the cover will not be blown off easily
  • Safely power ALL systems and associated devices off and unplug the power.
  • For workstations that are currently physically located on the floor move them to the desktop.
  • Unplug power from each workstation (including monitors and speakers) and place the workstation (tower) on the desktop together with its associated monitor, keyboard and mouse. Place the monitor with the screen facing the side of the workstation so that any minor windblown debris will not damage the screen. Cover all devices with a plastic tarp or trash bag making sure to tuck the edges so that the cover will be blown off easily.
  • Remove power from ALL electrical equipment prior to the arrival of the storm.
  • Move all equipment away from windows.
  • If equipment is on the floor and it can be moved or lifted, the device needs to be off the floor by a minimum of six inches with more recommended.
  • Cover all electrical equipment with a plastic tarp or trash bag.

As always, we are hear to answer any questions you may have and provide any help you may need before and after the storm. Contact the help desk at anytime via email ( or phone (321-9880 x101).

Steve West

Steve West

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