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Have You Eaten at Chick-fil-A Recently? Better Start Watching Your Credit or Debit Card Activity!

Looks Like the Trend of Data Breaches Will Be Following Us Into 2015! 

It seems like 2014 was the year of the data breach, doesn’t it? From Target to Home Depot to Michaels, retailers all over the world were stuck struggling in the aftermath of data breaches. Now in 2015, the trend continues as another company is investigating a possible data breach.

Another Serious Data Breach With Chick-fil-A!  Is Your Cyber Security In Order?

Chick Fil A data breachChick-fil-A, a popular chain restaurant with 1,850 locations, learned of the potential breach on December 19th, 2014, after hearing about suspicious payment card activity that seemed to be originating from payment cards used in their restaurants.

If you’ve eaten at one of the 1,850 locations in the past few months, and you didn’t pay with cash, it’s fundamental for you to start taking the necessary precautions to protect your financial data, such as:

  • Pay attention to your payment card activity: If you used a debit or credit card, pay attention to the activity on that account and check online on a regular basis.
  • Subscribe for notifications when transactions occur: If possible, subscribe for notifications when transactions occur – this allows you to be notified immediately of any suspicious transactions.
  • Call your bank and cancel your card: If, for any reason, you suspect your payment card information may have been stolen in the breach, it’s better safe than sorry – call your bank and cancel the card.

Also keep in mind, if the breach is confirmed, you’re able to take advantage of free identify protection services. Chick-fil-A released a statement saying, “if our customers are impacted, we will arrange for free identity protection services, including credit monitoring.”

As data breaches continue to occur, it’s probably time to start carrying cash and paying with cash whenever possible, in order to reduce the risk of having your financial data stolen.

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Steve West

Steve West

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