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Four iOS 7 Privacy Settings Everyone Should Know About

IOS7 SecurityIf you’re concerned with the privacy and safety of your sensitive data and information, you should step away from your iDevice for a moment to take note of the many security features that will ensure your privacy and safety.

When a major update has been made to iOS, it’s important to maneuver your way around the fancy new design and cool new features, to better familiarize yourself with the new safety measures and concerns. In this article, we’ll show you how to ensure safety on your iDevice.

To begin, navigate your way over to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. While it’s possible to turn location services off all together, you may not want that. Some apps need your location in order to function.

Have a quick scroll down the list of apps that use your location information and decipher whether they need it or not. If not, turn it off. Now navigate to the most important privacy settings on your iDevice, Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services.

It is recommended that you turn off the following settings, we will explain why below:

  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Diagnostics & Usage
  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Location-Based iAds
  • Settings > Privacy Location Services >System Services > Frequent Locations
  1. Diagnostics & Usage

This setting monitors everything you do on your iPhone. It is then “anonymously” sent to Apple for “improving iOS.” It’s your choice to leave this on or off, but do you really want to give permission to a large company to monitor and record everything you do? This setting does not benefit users in anyway; iOS will continue to be improved with or without your data. Go ahead and turn it off for added security.

  1. Location-Based iAds

This setting allows your iPhone to send your location to Apple in order to provide you with geographically relevant iAds. For those of you that find it creepy when ads are catered directly towards you and your relevant interests and location, then you may want to turn this feature off as well. Turning off this setting will simply result in less relevant ads being shown.

  1. Frequent Locations

Frequent locations can also become a major breach in privacy. It’s a setting that tracks where you are and how long you’ve been there in order to detect patterns and decipher your “frequent location.” For example, this setting can accurately assume workplace and home locations by noting when you were at each location and for how long. Disable this setting to avoid being followed and tracked by Apple.

  1. Advertising

Navigate to the iOS Advertising Privacy settings – Settings > Privacy > Advertising.

Now follow these two steps to ensure security: Turn ON “Limit Ad Tracking.” Touch “Reset Advertising Identifier.” The “Learn More” option basically just says the Advertising Identifier allows apps to serve you targeted ads, so if you don’t want that then turn the setting off.

Follows these tips to ensure the safety and control over your information and data on your iDevice products. Don’t let your sensitive content fall in the hands of a large corporate company.

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Steve West

Steve West

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