Your business is mobile. You need solutions that will enable you and your employees to access information on the fly from wherever you do business.

Ntegra IT Solutions offers a variety of cloud solutions to help make your business more productive, profitable and mobile.  Where once you stored all your information on a single computer/server, “cloud” solutions allow you to store, access and update your information in “real time” while working offsite.  Ntegra IT Solutions can show your business how to easily adopt this trend and use it to enhance your business’s ability to provide mobile solutions to your employees as well as reduce overall cost of business.

Google Apps™
Looking for an all-encompassing solution from one of the biggest companies in the cloud solution market? Look no further. Ntegra IT Solutions is an authorized Google Apps™ reseller.

Microsoft Exchange™ with SharePoint™
Ntegra IT Solutions can implement a variety of email based cloud solutions to fill all of your business needs. Adopting cloud solutions now could never be easier.

Document Management
Need a place to store your business documents and have those accessible from any location, including home? Do you need a better way to keep track of and manage the documents you have? Ntegra IT Solutions can offer tools to help make document management in the cloud a breeze.

A great advantage of cloud based solutions is the ability to collaborate efforts with employees and even clients. Ntegra IT Solutions can show you and your employees the best way to collaborate using the cloud and get the most from this business venture. For other training opportunities please visit our training page.

NtegraCloud™ Remote Backups
NtegraCloud Remote Backups provide a comprehensive solution to any business that needs peace of mind regarding their most important business files.

NtegraCloud™ Compliance Archiving
Our NtegraCare technicians can assist you in providing a cost effective solution to quickly and painlessly address your legal obligation to maintain correspondence between clients for extended periods of time.

NtegraCloud™ Backup and Disaster Recovery
Our NtegraCloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) marries up the Cloud with physical onsite solutions to bring customers capabilities they haven’t had in the past. Our NtegraCloud BDR appliance that provides Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Replication of virtual images to the cloud with nightly self-testing to make sure the backups are successful. Having your business completely secured in case of a major disaster could never be easier.

NtegraCloud™ Email Security
Through NtegraCloud Email Security we offer a solution that is both easy to employ and extremely cost effective solution to securing your business and employees’ emails and deal with proliferating spam.


Steve West

Steve West

Ntegra IT is devoted to providing reliable Computer Support to businesses that want to improve productivity and profitability. We deliver custom designed Network Services that better map to your business, so you can stop worrying about your technology and get back to achieving your business goals.