Our Cloud Will Protect Your Business From the Looming Storm Clouds To Come— The NtegraCloud™ Backup and Disaster Avoidance.

What would happen to your business if you lost all of your business-critical data? Your employees heavily rely on your data – from customer information to financial records – to continue day-to-day operations. If your data was lost or stolen, your business operations would come to a complete halt. Don’t take unnecessary risks! Ntegra IT Solutions offers Ntegra Cloud Backup to help you prevent costly data loss. To learn more, give us a call at {phone} or send us an email at {email}.

As a business owner, it’s fundamental for you to understand the risks associated with data loss or theft – from legal liability to loss of customer confidence to reputational damage, data loss or theft can have a drastic impact on your business and your bottom line. And if you’re not taking precautions to prevent data loss or theft, you’re leaving the survival of your business at risk.

60% of Businesses That Suffer Significant Data Loss Will Shut Down Within 6 Months – Don’t Become Another Statistic! Ntegra Cloud Backup Ensures the Security and Recoverability of Your Data At All Times!

Your business data is constantly at risk for data loss or theft resulting from internal and external threats, including human errors, natural disasters, and hardware failures. But fortunately, our cloud backup solution enables you to rest assured knowing your data will be secure and recoverable at all times.

When you choose to leverage our cloud backup solution, you’re able to have complete peace of mind knowing:

  • Your data is stored securely offsite to ensure recoverability in the event of an onsite disaster.
  • Your data is safeguard with encryption to prevent theft or unauthorized access to your confidential information.
  • Your data is recoverable in a timely manner to prevent prolonged disruption and/or downtime.

Plus, our team of IT experts will continuously test your data backups on a regular basis to ensure you’re able to recover whenever necessary.

Looking to ensure the security and recoverability of your data? Look no further than Ntegra IT Solutions – Many businesses throughout Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA trust us to keep their data protected at all times.

Steve West

Steve West

Ntegra IT is devoted to providing reliable Computer Support to businesses that want to improve productivity and profitability. We deliver custom designed Network Services that better map to your business, so you can stop worrying about your technology and get back to achieving your business goals.