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11 New Apple Products! Good For You (But Bad For Your Wallet)

Apple is one of the most valuable brands worldwide – as of Feb 1, 2018, there are over 1.3 billion Active Apple Device Users – in order to keep their users coming back, Apple makes sure to keep each new iteration of their devices feature-rich and current with the latest tech trends.

New Apple Products

Apple never ceases in improving their products – the phones, tablets and other devices we know and love will be getting some fantastic upgrades this year. Apple is also set to release some brand new products that we have been eagerly anticipating for some time now.


Apple is starting this year off with a bang, bringing not one but three new iPhones to the market. Bigger phones are coming back in style, and Apple doesn’t plan to disappoint: two of the three new iPhones are the biggest smartphones yet. Yes, you heard right – biggest smartphones, not just biggest iPhones. The iPhone X and X Plus come with the OLED displays measuring in at 6.5″ and 5.8″, priced at $650 and $750 respectively. The third iPhone will come with a 6.1″ LCD, but will also come with a lower price, perfect for those whose New Year’s resolutions were to budget better.


The iPad has had us hooked since its first introduction in 2010, and now there is even more to love. New iPads will run you just $259, which is much softer on our wallets since the first iPad cost an average of $599. Surely this is a reflection of the market in which Apple is forced to compete with cheaper tablets like the Amazon Fire.

New iPad Pro with Face ID

The regular iPad isn’t the only one coming with upgrades this year. The iPad Pro will be slimmer and come with Face ID. Having a thinner iPad Pro makes it more comfortable to hold, and transport. For all the places that you take the iPad Pro, such as attending college lectures, board meetings, or killing time during your kids after school programs, now it will be much easier. Additionally, the new iPad Pro will come with an upgraded image processor and GPU for better graphics and performance.

Apple Watch

Apple Watches are picking up speed on the market as well. Not only do these allow you to monitor your heart rate and steps, but you can also answer calls or control your playlist on Pandora. Now the Apple Watch will have more advanced health monitoring sensors, which can measure a person’s vitals like blood glucose and heart rate. These changes can drastically change how we use our wearable technology.

AirPower Wireless Charging Pad

With impeccable timing, Apple devices are now supporting wireless charging. No more looking for cords or struggling with bulky charging stations and USBs. Now charging your beloved products will be as simple as setting them on your nightstand at the end of the day. While other companies have released their versions of wireless charging sooner, Apple made sure to work the bugs out before releasing for their users. Additionally, these charging pads will be able to charge numerous items at once.


Music makes everything better, so it’s no surprise that Apple has put in the work to create upgraded AirPods this year. These upgrades are still kept highly confidential, but it is confirmed that they will have a smaller quarts component. Secondly, they will be compatible with Apple’s new wireless AirPower charging mat.

Apple HomePod

Apple is releasing a budget-friendly home device to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Homes. This eagerly awaited product adapts your music preferences by integrating Apple Music and Siri. Additionally, it works as an intelligent home assistant that can handle everything from everyday tasks to controlling your smart home. Released Feb 9, 2018, you can now buy your Apple HomePod for only $349!

Mac Pro

Apple’s Mac Pro is due for some updates as well. Apple reports that they are working on a more customizable, modular Mac Pro, which will allow users to modify it to meet their professional needs. The official release date hasn’t been announced, but this product is tentatively expected to hit the market in June 2018.

iMac desktop

The iMac Desktops are getting a new look and a few other surprising upgrades as well, similar to the new features added to the Mac Pro. The iMac will come at a comparable cost of previous models. For example, the lower end of the iMac desktops cost around $1000 while the higher-end models cost an average of $3000.

MacBook Pro

In 2016, the MacBook Pro received a makeover that introduced its OLED TouchBar and Touch ID sensor as well as the Thunderbolt 3. This year, while there likely won’t be any significant changes in design, the new MacBook Pros will come with an updated processor and memory upgrades as well.

iOS 12

The updates to iOS 12 were supposed to be released this year, but Apple has recently reported that they are delaying specific features of iOS 12 until the year 2019. The choice was made so that the business could focus on strengthening the operating system’s reliability and performance. In 2019, features such as a redesigned home screen and upgraded CarPlay will be released. iOS 12 should still be released in September of 2018, with exception of these few enhanced features that will be held back. iOS will come with improvements in its digital health, parental controls, and augmented reality.

Apple continuously works to improve and upgrade their products that we have grown to love. These products make your life easier and increase your productivity. There is a lot to be excited about, from a thinner more transportable model of iPad to a brand new product such as the AirPower. The year of 2018 is the year to update your Apple products, and try out some new ones.

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